Backyard Chicken Coop Plans

The following product has received more great reviews than any other backyard chicken coop plans from a huge number of our subscribers. I recommend that you check it out:

Best Overall Backyard Chicken Coop Plans – Building A Chicken Coop
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I strongly recommend that you check out Bill Keene’s Building A Chicken Coop. It is extremely comprehensive and detailed but its step-by-step approach makes it very easy to understand.This guide offers plans for various sizes and styles of coops to house from 4 – 50 chickens. It includes portable units, single level, and double story premium coops.Click here to check it out now!

These other backyard chicken coop plans are also VERY good and definitely worth a look. I’ve looked at over 20 guides and these are the absolute best: 

 Best Video Chicken Coop Guide Best Video Guide
– Chicken Coop Guides
Average User Rating: For individuals who prefer a video format for building their chicken coop, this is the guide for you!You will get full step by step video instructions that will show you how to build a small starter chicken coop right up to a larger coop when you are ready to expand!Visit Chicken Coop Guides 
Best Backyard Chicken Coop Plans for a Super Fast & Inexpensive Coop Best Backyard Chicken Coop Plans for a Super Fast & Inexpensive Coop
– Easy DIY Chicken Coop Plans
Average User Rating: With these super-easy-to-build ‘cut and paste’ chicken coop blueprints,you can build any of them in less than 2 hours for a cost of less than $50!Visit Easy DIY Chicken Coop Plans 
Best Guide for Raising Chickens Best Guide for Raising Chickens
– Chicken Keeping Answers
Average User Rating: This guide is jam packed with the latest cutting edge information on how to raise chickens and keep them healthy and producing delicious eggs.
Visit Chicken Keeping Answers 
Best Guide for Making
Your Own Incubator
Best Guide for Making Your Own Incubator
– Incubator Maker
Average User Rating:
 This guide shows you an inexpensive way to build a high quality egg incubator that’s guaranteed to yield a high hatching rate.Visit Incubator Maker