What to Feed Chickens

what to feed chickensChickens will eat practically anything from meat to vegetables. You can even feed them commercial dog food and they will peck at it with gusto.

You can provide them with pig food and they will consume it with no hesitation. Chickens are cleaners of garbage tidbits. They will also eliminate every bug, worm, or anything small and more vulnerable than they are.

A good thing about raising chickens in your own backyard is that it requires absolutely no specific feeding knowledge on your part apart from vitamins and boosters.

Grains may also be fed to your chickens. Leftovers of food bits and peelings may also be fed. So you see, feeding is not that difficult provided you save some of those leftovers for your chickens to feast on. There is very little that chickens won't eat. Chickens are smart so they will understand when the bucket of treats is ready for lunch.

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You are able to feed your poultry in several ways. You could either place it inside a container which is sufficient to accommodate their number during mealtime. Scattering their food on the ground is another option with no need for concern that it may be wasted and remain scattered. Bones with small pieces of meat are also their favorite.

Of course, in terms of hens laying eggs, calcium is necessary for their healthy diet. Throughout the months when on the verge of the laying season, you can supply your chickens with calcium simply by including clam shells that are already crushed in their food.

You should never give your hens clam shells that are whole. They might be in danger of thinking these clams are their own egg shells. Therefore you must make sure that the clam shells are completely crushed into fragments prior to offering it to them. These can be found in your neighborhood feed stores.

The most recommended foods for your chickens are feeds, pellets, corn as well as grains. Meat, fruit and veggies may be given as well. However hens cannot be allowed to have all of the fun gobbling up everything in sight. You should keep a close check on their eating habits since there are certain types of foods that are not recommended for them. These foods can either be harmful or even worse, lethal. Apart from the foods described below, generally, other feedings are safe.

Reasons why chickens should not eat these kinds of foods


If you were offered the opportunity to consume the thigh of your neighbor, would you do it? This is the same reason why hens would likely object to being served with their own species. However, they're not going to realize this. They never will. Therefore it's alright if you've included chicken bones in their meals. However, there could be negative consequences if your chickens were to be fed considerable amounts of poultry meat or parts of the spinal cord and brain. This could result in the development of encephalopathy which is similar to mad cow disease.


An apple every 2 weeks given to 4 birds is alright, however, if this routine is performed every single day, you can expect digestive issues.

Peelings of Potato:

Chickens do not really like eating root crops. The taste is not that pleasant either.

Orange Peelings:

The toughness of this fruit is too difficult for them to chew on.


Offered in small amounts, tomatoes can be fine but take care because when given in excess, they may have an effect on the chicken’s droppings.

These are just a few of the foods which are not really recommended to feed to your chickens. Some others are garlic, onion, avocado, and chocolate.

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