Raising Backyard Chickens

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Raising backyard chickens is an extension of an urban farming movement which has gained popularity worldwide. This is a terrific way to begin producing your own food, and possibly starting up a side-line business enterprise as well.

Should you live within city limits, make sure that you check with your city zoning department in order to be certain that raising chickens is allowed in your area. Chickens are livestock, and are subject to local laws and ordinances.

Raising backyard chickens is a lot easier than you might imagine and it is starting to be more and more popular in cities and towns around the world. It can be an enjoyable and satisfying experience which can also be a great project for the whole family.

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One of the most interesting and rewarding parts of raising backyard chickens is incubating chicken eggs. Raising chickens is part of a healthy way of life which can help develop awareness of nutritious food as well as good eating habits in a positive and engaging way for children and their parents.

Figuring out just how to raise chickens is certainly not difficult, as long as you follow a few fundamental instructions. If you have never raised chickens or have never been on a farm you probably have no idea what is involved in raising chickens. You will be able to discover how to raise chickens using the highly informative guide from Chickenkit.com.

Chickens can be extremely easy to keep if you know the correct things to do and when or how to do them. Chickens are hardy and do not need a great deal of attention, however they do require appropriate housing along with daily feeding and clean drinking water. Chickens will comfortably withstand the cold of winter and the heat of the summer months, but they require protection from the wind, rain and predators.

Chickens require a minimum of two square feet of covered area to protect them from the elements as well as at least eight square feet of outdoor space. Chickens can be good companion animals and are able to be tamed through hand feeding, however roosters can sometimes become aggressive and raucous. Chickens that are raised in a natural environment and permitted to "free range" are usually a great deal higher in Omega 3 fatty acids (healthy fats) than commercially raised chickens.

Backyard chickens can also be really beneficial in the garden. Chicken droppings are rich in nitrogen so they produce great manure that may be sold or applied to vegetable or flower gardens. It is essential to compost the manure prior to using it to fertilize your garden, since fresh manure will burn up your plants.

Chickens contribute to your environmental care by providing free pest and weed control, their unique personalities as well as, of course, eggs.

Raising backyard chickens for laying eggs is starting to be quite common as economies shrink and the urban farm movement spreads. This helps to encourage healthy living and is able to offer you a very reliable supply of protein supplements for your day-to-day dietary requirements.

Raising chickens at home is a gratifying experience that more and more individuals are turning to in this age of technology. What a fantastic way to provide food for you and your family, fertilizer for your garden plants, pest management for your backyard as well as the pleasure of being around these intelligent and entertaining creatures.

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