Pet Chicken Coop Basics

pet chicken coop

If you have pet chickens, you may be thinking of designing your own pet chicken coop after looking at all the different chicken coop designs available on the Internet.

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Pet chickens are on the increase and they're making their home in the backyards of city dwellers. They are frequently used to produce eggs, however their owners can form quite an attachment to them.

Pet chickens are great fun, educational for children and, best of all, each one will provide your family with about six delicious eggs a week.

Unlike the farm chickens many of us are familiar with, whose coops generally aren't cleaned more than once or twice a year, suburban pet chickens are treated like any other pet. Fresh free range organic eggs from your own pet chicken coop are without a doubt exceptionally tastier and more nutritious than any supermarket eggs.

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So let’s talk about building your own pet chicken coop…

This can be easy enough to do, but there are a few basic measurements to keep in mind when coming up with your own chicken coop designs. Doors on the pet chicken coop only need to be about one foot high and one foot wide. When it comes to nesting boxes, chicken coop designs usually allow for one foot wide, one foot deep and at least a one foot opening in the front.

Most chicken coop designs plan for an outdoor run so the chickens can be free to go in and out of the house. Pet chicken coop designs that allow for above ground chicken coops, such as mobile and stilted chicken coops that are in areas prone to flooding, recommend that above ground chicken coops have an inner floor that is 12 inches off the ground to prevent flooding and allow for ventilation, and keep the chickens off of the cold, moist ground.

Remember, the coop is where your chickens will stay for most of their lives, and if you make a mistake in the design, you're going to be dealing with some very unhappy chickens. Pet chickens average lifespan is about 15 years and they are affordable and easy to look after.

The effort one puts into a successful pet chicken coop can be more rewarding than taking care of your average household pet. I cannot stress the fact that this structure is going to be where your birds will be spending a lot of their time, and they will sleep, eat, and lay eggs inside their coop.

It is important that you place the pet chicken coop in the right place; I recommend putting it in a place where the sunlight shines brightly in the morning hours.

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