How to Make a Chicken Coop

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Building your own chicken coop can be both a cost effective and fun project. Whether you live in the city or in a rural community, you will need to check with your own municipality for specific zoning regulations. So with that out of the way, let’s talk about how to make a chicken coop.

First of all, you will need to decide on the ideal size for your chicken coop. Some chicken farmers prefer to use a shed while others opt for a small shelter. The type of shelter that will work best for your chickens depends on a number of factors including the breed, their particular needs, and your budget. Don’t worry, it’s possible to make a chicken coop without spending a fortune.

Each full-grown hen will need approximately four square feet of space. You will also need to consider how many hens you would like to house. This will determine the size of the shelter you will need. So now it’s time to choose your design plan.

Although you can create your own plan, unless you’re an architect, it’s probably a better idea to buy a plan. Choose a plan that fits your image of the ideal chicken coop. Once you have your plan, it’s time to gather your materials.

Some construction companies and lumberyards throw out scrap wood and building materials that they can’t use. Ask the owner if you can have their scraps in exchange for hauling it away. You can also ask friends and neighbors for any scrap materials left over from their recent projects.

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While you may be able to obtain a fair amount of scrap material that you can use, you will still have to purchase at least some of your material from a hardware store. This is not the time to scrimp on the needs of your fine feathered friends.

Once you have gathered all of your materials, it’s time to make your chicken coop. However, before you pick up that power drill, make sure you check all of your measurements one last time. Are you sure you have sufficient space? Where will your chicken run be located? Will placing your coop in that location obstruct your neighbor’s view?

If you’re ready, then it’s time to start on the frame. It’s important to be precise in your measurements. Although a few inches here or there doesn’t seem like much of a difference during the construction process, it will certainly seem like a big difference later on.

As you build the home your future pets will live in, you also need to consider the climate where you live. A well-ventilated coop is vital if you live in a warm climate. If you live in a cooler climate, then you will want to consider insulating your coop.

There are many considerations that need to be taken into account when you are building your chicken coop. But building your own chicken coop has plenty of rewards too. Remember that when it comes to knowing how to make a chicken coop, little details are of big importance.

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