Free Range Chickens

Free range chickensFree range chickens are chickens that are raised on pasture and permitted to feed themselves on a regular diet of grass and insects. They are not kept in a pen but are allowed the run of your backyard and are free to roam, scratch and peck.

These chickens are usually herded into their coops in the evening to prevent attack by natural predators such as foxes. Free range chickens are never given drugs or other antibiotics therefore they are not exposed to chemical substances like commercially raised chickens are, and are consequently that much healthier.

Chickens are available in different colors and sizes. Backyard free range chickens are likely safer if you select ones that are not white, simply because they blend with the background better, and are therefore not so easy for the predators to see. Free range chickens can be quite innovative when it comes to looking for a spot where they prefer to lay their eggs.

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Chickens will eat anything and everything, including weeds, garden treats, grain left by other livestock, insects and earthworms, as well as almost any vegetable or meat scrap they can find. Chickens are scavengers and omnivores, and they require protein in addition to plant foods. They are often kept as pets and can be tamed through hand feeding, however roosters can sometimes become aggressive and noisy.

Free range chickens tend to be healthier than their cousins kept in crowded cages in commercial poultry houses. They have lean, firm meat compared to the soft, mushy kind which is generally commercially produced. Free-range chickens are most certainly worth the time and effort necessary to take care of them, because the fresh eggs and meat are undoubtedly the best that you are able to get anywhere.

Free-range chickens are easiest to care for as they feed mostly on insects and grasses in the backyard and do not consume as much feed. They must have some kind of shelter to let them escape from rain and winds. Free-range chickens are able to forage for the grass, seeds, and bugs that make-up a healthy diet, and get sufficient exercise in the process. Eggs which are layed by free-range chickens may be interesting colors since they will be affected by whatever the chickens eat.

Organic eggs have become an extremely popular choice for a lot of egg consumers, not just for their fresh taste, but also for the ethics associated with the raising and handling of the hens. Organic standards require that the chickens get access to the outdoors.

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