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free chicken houseIf you’re looking for free chicken house instructions, then read on…

Have you contemplated building a chicken coop but didn’t know where to begin in terms of the materials to use or how to construct the coop? Maybe you’ve been held back by the thought that the project may cost you more than you are willing to spend.

Building a chicken coop does not need to put a big hole in your bank account and some of the best things in life are still free. In order to minimize the cost of building a coop, the materials you use can be anything that will provide your chickens with shelter from the elements.

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Some people have even used old lawnmower sheds. However, if you prefer to have a better coop, you can build a structure from scratch that doesn’t rely on something that’s already erected. Visit a lumberyard or a site where new homes are being built.

You can then ask for scrap pieces of lumber that are not going to be used. Yes, many home construction companies and lumberyards do throw away unused wood! So not only can you get materials for your free chicken house but you also help to keep the scrap wood out of landfills.

Home construction sites may also be able to provide you with leftover shingles. These invariably end up in the garbage too. Some municipalities have a waste exchange program where people can buy or exchange secondhand items in good condition that would normally end up as garbage.

For the chicken roosts, you can nail small tree branches in place or nail up either two by four or two by two pieces of wood. The roosting perches should not be built directly above the area where you’ll be reaching in to gather eggs (for smaller coops) or where you’ll be walking (for larger coops).

Some thrift stores have old windows that aren’t suitable for a house but would be perfect for a chicken coop. Building the frame for the floor and the walls is the first thing you would need to do.

The frame and size of the walls will depend on how large or small a chicken coop you want. The front and back wall of the coop are usually larger than the sides. The walls and frame should be secured to the flooring.

If you don’t have sufficient boards, you can use old wood boards or plywood to build your chicken coop. Once you’ve completed the building and have secured the perches, the nesting boxes should be installed with a layer of straw for the eggs.
With these free chicken coop instructions, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying your new chickens fast!


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